Today, I will tell you what a Wonderlic Test is. Soon I will tell you all that you need to know about the Wonderlic Test. Wonderlic is a very well known test series in the service industry. Most mid to high-level firms employ the use of Wonderlic or similar tests.

These tests mean to gauge an applicant’s work ethic, intelligence, morale, etc. So, Wonderlic helps the employers make the right decision about hiring people. Then employers don’t have to depend on their gut feelings anymore and can use the Wonderlic test to determine an applicant’s fate.


What is the Wonderlic Test?

Wonderlic is a popular aptitude test which we widely used across the world. Therefore, it is viral in colleges, universities, entry-level jobs. Wonderlic Tests is a test which gives way to employment opportunities. Once they revised it for the 21st century in 2007 and made available both online and on paper.

Soon the latest Wonderlic test is available which is more appropriate for the current century. Wonderlic in a basic sense is vocational training and intelligence test. This test attempts to gauge the applicant’s education, aptitude, and training abilities. The Wonderlic test is also divided into four different sections.

These four sections are cognitive, behavioral, skill, personality. Therefore, these tests are fairly accurate, and many people take them. Each section is different regarding time requirement and some questions. Henceforth, the Wonderlic test is divided into 25 questions and 50 questions respectively.T

The Wonderlic test has a fantastic history. It was first created in 1938. It was initially meant to be used as an employee selection tool. But the US military and Navy inculcated the Wonderlic test for their selections. It was widely used in world war 2. Today, it is still used by the NFL in America in a selection of recruits and players.

History of The Wonderlic Test.

As I said above, the Wonderlic test has a very diverse history. It developed in 1939 and saw a lot of use across the world. It was used by the US military to determine a personnel’s abilities and aptitude.

The US Navy used it to recruit fighter pilots and to teach them navigation. In the 1970s, it was first used to determine player performance in the NFL league. Since then, the Wonderlic Test has been used even today by the NFL. It was termed as a quick IQ test by people.

It was a fast and easy method to determine a person’s ability to a particular kind of work. After the massive success of the Wonderlic Test, Wonderlic began developing other tests. Various tests had developed for different work. Today, Wonderlic offers more than 30 tests to people across the world.

Wonderlic has evolved today to give you various types of tests. These tests are incredibly helpful in completing their tasks. Wonderlic is a very successful test and is basically a compact IQ test which can be undertaken and finished very quickly by anyone.

Application To Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychology is a field of psychology which deals with work life of individuals. It studies the work environments of an organization. By working with the employees and helping them with work ethic, stress levels, etc.

It helps to increase the efficiency of the employers in that sector. They seek to improve the overall health and morale of the employee via training programs, seminars, talks, and therapy. It is an integral part of improving the workplace mechanics of an organization.

The Wonderlic test as a vocational test falls under the pretext of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. It is a personal test that we use to gauge a worker’s work ethic and abilities in a work environment.

The Wonderlic test divides into various forms. The various particularly range from A, B, C, D, E and F. Wonderlic suggests a combination of two forms. The American Psychology Association has peer reviewed the Wonderlic test. They observed that it was an ideal test to gauge the performance and character of industrial personnel.

Thus, Wonderlic is a fantastic addition to Industrial-Organizational Psychology. In a workplace environment, we can use many tests. IQ tests or Aptitude tests are always readily available. But the fact is, Wonderlic is a quick and easy IQ test that we can do very fast.

That is why it is an ideal test for application to Industrial-Organizations. Organizations can make good use of Wonderlic tests to review their employers and get a better idea of maintaining employee satisfaction levels.

How Does The Wonderlic Test Work?

We design the Wonderlic test sample to be quick and easy to use. It is straightforward to understand how exactly it works. The basic idea is that there is a wide spectrum of percentile on the Wonderlic test.

There are 50 questions you can ask on the Wonderlic Test. Every time you answer correctly, you get the point. We will ask you 50 questions so you can score a 50 max. 50 is the high end of the spectrum while 0 is usually not considered desirable.

Once you have given the test, you will get grades out of 50. It depends on your answers. Usually, we consider a score above ten as educated. The subjects have around 12 minutes to finish their Wonderlic test. There are about 50 questions in this test.

The type of questions asked on the Wonderlic test varies from test to test. But most of these tests gauge a person’s ability to understand analytical skills.

What Is A Wonderlic Score?

A Wonderlic score is a quick result of the number of answers you have given correctly. The Wonderlic test has 50 questions. On average, people score about 20 marks total in 12 minutes.


Wonderlic Test Scores

That is the basic average, but most employers want more than that. One should try to get the maximum right answers within the shortest amount of time. It is how we grade Wonderlic.

What Is A Good Score On The Wonderlic? What Is The Average Wonderlic Score?

The average Wonderlic score is 20. You can consider anything above 20 to be a good Wonderlic score. Ideally, the higher the score, the better your chances of recruitment.

Good is a relative term and may differ from occupation to occupation. No organization has a strict quota of required Wonderlic score. Wonderlic gives you an idea of a person’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

It is not the only basis of selection. Ideally, scores above 26 are considered to be medium or 50% percentile. The best scores typically fall within 27 and 40+. These are the top percentile scores and very sought after.

Wonderlic Test Score Percentiles

The Wonderlic test is not exactly an IQ test. It considers being more like a quick analytical test. However, like common IQ tests, Wonderlic can arrange into percentiles. Percentiles are incredibly helpful in sorting out test scores in general. Usually, a score below 16 considered to be a low tier 25th percentile.

Above 16, 17 to 26 is the middle 50th percentile. It is the percentile with the largest number of people. Most people fall within the 50th percentile. A score above 27 is the top 25% percentile of the Wonderlic test. Above that, is the top 1%.

Wonderlic allows employers to quickly grasp a person’s abilities just by looking at their test percentile. The percentile ranks them automatically based on how well they performed, as compared to others.

However, it is not always about having a high percentile score on Wonderlic. Companies often look for scores which fit the job description and may not want higher or lower than that.

Here we have few median sought-after scores in several jobs and occupations:

○ Systems analyst – 32
○ Accountant – 28
○ Executive – 28
○ Teacher – 28
○ Librarian – 27
○ Electronics Technician – 26
○ Salesperson – 25
○ Secretary – 24
○ Electrician – 23
○ Nurse – 23
○ Cashier – 21
○ Firefighter – 21
○ Receptionist – 21
○ Security guard – 17
○ Warehouse worker – 15
○ Janitor – 14

Here are some average scores of Wonderlic Test NFL players who played various positions. These are their usual scores.

Guide to Pro Football, the average score of an NFL player according to the position is the following:[23]

● Offensive tackle – 26
● Center – 25
● Quarterback – 24
● Guard – 23
● Tight end – 22
● Safety – 19
● Linebacker – 19
● Cornerback – 18
● Wide receiver – 17
● Fullback – 17
● Halfback – 16

Validity Of The Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic test is pretty valid and reliable for the most part. It is in use since the 30s and has given positive and accurate results since. In 1982, Carl Dodrill made about 57 adults take the Wonderlic test twice over a five year period.

Dodrill noticed that the accuracy of the test was quite reliable. It is a fact that the Wonderlic Test has shown high levels of correlations with the general aptitude tests. Hundreds of fortune 500 companies and even multinational companies make use of the Wonderlic tool to gauge potential employees.

Even the NFL trusts the Wonderlic test while selecting their players for their teams. In 1956, we put the test to study once again. Weaver and Bonaeu reported to the journal of applied psychology that some forms of the Wonderlic Test were tougher than the others.

Forms A, B was supposed to be the harder tests of the lot. It shows that the first two forms were considerably more difficult than the others. It put a little doubt over Wonderlic reliability.

However, even today, companies and the NFL league continue to use the Wonderlic Test for NFL to gauge their applicants and players. It has been an incredibly comfortable and convenient test for the organizations. Then Wonderlic will only improve.

Wonderlic Test Practice – Sample Questions

Below is some questions Sample of Wonderlic Test that one can ask for the Wonderlic Test. It will give you a better understanding of how exactly we conduct these tests. The Wonderlic Test Sample is only to give you a clear idea of the test.

Question: The bones that make up the spine are:

  1. vertebrae
  2. humerus
  3. metatarsals
  4. Femur

Question: A marathon is 26.2 miles. If Sally ran a marathon in 3 hours and 3 minutes, what was her approximate pace?

A. 10 minutes
B. 7 minutes
C. 8 minutes
D. 9 minutes

Question: An oven can cook three thin crust pizzas in an hour or 1 deep dish pizza in an hour. If you have one oven, how much time do you need to make 12 thin crust pizzas and four deep dish pizzas?

A. 8 hours
B. 10 hours
C. 6 hours
D. 3 hours

Question: A box of candies contains caramel chocolates and chocolates with nuts. There are three times more caramel chocolates as there are chocolates with nuts. If there are 20 chocolate total, how many are there of each type?

A. 15 caramel and 5 with nuts
B. 9 caramel and 11 with nuts
C. 18 caramel and 2 with nuts
D. 12 caramel and 8 with nuts

Question: A candy maker makes two sizes of candies. Using the smaller size, a full jar will contain 120 pieces of candy. Using the larger candies, a jar will contain 80 pieces of candy. The candy maker has a strict rule that no jars will include a mix of small and large candies. If A store has room for 15 jars and they want 1560 total pieces of candy, how many jars will contain smaller candies?

A. 12
B. 9
C. 4
D. 2

Question: A road construction crew is resurfacing the highway between point D and point E. The distance between point D and point E is 93 miles of road. The crew has completed 35 miles. If they work at a pace of 2.9 miles per day, how many more days will it take to finish?

A. 15
B. 17
C. 20
D. 22


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