Wonderlic Test

Top 10 Tips For Wonderlic Test That You Can’t Miss

The Wonderlic test is a tool used to gauge an applicant’s abilities. It is used commonly to realize someone’s analytical powers, grasping powers or intelligence. Wonderlic test is a pretty simple and straightforward test. It does not take a lot of time either you can do it very quickly. Take our Wonderlic Test Sample to check your current ability status.

That is why we sometimes call it a quick IQ test. Employers no longer have to depend on their gut feelings and can use the Wonderlic test to find out the true potential of their applicants. The Wonderlic test helps in gauging a person’s work ethics, morale, and aptitude.

Wonderlic Test

Top 10 Tips For Wonderlic Test

Wonderlic is used by most fortune 500 companies. It is gaining popularity even with multinational companies. Many countries across the world are adopting the Wonderlic test before appointing their potential employees.

It is not just corporate America now, most of the world is starting to use towards Wonderlic or similar tests. So, you want to know how you can increase your chances of top 25% percentile on the Wonderlic test. Follow the tips and tricks below, and possibly you will improve your scores a lot.

<1> Brush UP ON Your English Skills

Brush UP ON Your English Skills Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic test has many questions which are directly based on wordplay, grammar or sentence formation. Some of the questions are pure scrabble words too. If English is your weak area, it would be wise to brush up on your English and make it a strong point.

If you can secure maximum marks in the English area, you are off to an excellent start, and with sufficient command over English, the questions on Wonderlic should pose absolutely no threat. Make sure you go through your English skills before your test.

<2> Know Your Math

Know Your Math - Wonderlic Test

There are many questions which are mathematics based on the Wonderlic test. Math is not exactly easy, and many of the questions are made confusing and tricky to throw you off your feet. It is a way to test your calm. Math-based questions are fundamental elementary questions which you can do using high school math.

But do not overestimate yourself. The questions on the Wonderlic tests are well made and are bound to confuse you, even if the answer is simple. Brush up on your old high school math and work on some distance/time problems. Work on your quick math skills as well.

<3> Get Yourself A Study Guide

Get Yourself A Study Guide Wonderlic Test

A proper study guide written by someone experienced is invaluable. You can get a huge idea of how exactly you suppose to study for the Wonderlic test. Usually, experts wrote such study guides on the tests.

Do not completely depend on your study guide though. Use it as a supplement to your other study material. The Wonderlic test is a mix of many things, and one study guide cannot provide everything.

<4> Ask Someone Else Who Has Given The Test

Wonderlic Test Tips

Asking someone who has given the test before you is very helpful too. The person can give you loads of tips and tricks to save time and complete the test. Confirm with the person if the coursework you are studying from is good enough or not. Experience is always beneficial.

<5> Give Mock Tests On Wonderlic

Give Mock Tests On Wonderlic Test

There are many websites online and many apps which readily let you give a mock Wonderlic test. Do not underestimate the power of a mock test, and the Mock test can build or break your confidence.

Giving a mock test repeatedly, again and again, will ensure that you know the kind of questions that they ask on the Wonderlic test. Once you know the format, it becomes predictable and easy. That way you can prepare for it better.

<6> Learn To Time Yourself

Learn To Time Yourself Wonderlic Test

When you are doing your mock tests, make sure you are completing them within the 12-minute benchmark. Wonderlic tests are only 12 minutes long.

If you take too long, you will lose valuable points. You must allow yourself a specific amount of time for each question. Then make sure you do not go overboard and time yourself using a stopwatch.

<7> Avoid Being Indecisive

Avoid Being Indecisive Wonderlic Test Tips

It is possibly the worst thing you can do. The ticking clock stresses people out and often makes them confused and indecisive.

At First, you need to get past this mind frame. Then avoid the fear and the paralysis. Afterward, calmly think of your question and decide your answer. Do not waste time dwelling on it.

<8> Develop A Strategy

Develop A Strategy Wonderlic Test

Chances are, you will not know every question. Rather than wasting your time on a question you have no idea how to solve, you can move on and give more time to questions you can solve.

It will help you save time and help you answer the questions that you are certain about. That is not the only strategy. There are many more. Then develop your own.

<9> Play by your Strengths

Play by your Strengths Wonderlic Test

Concentrate on subjects that are easier to you. Concentrate on GK, Math, whichever you find the easiest. Questions based on these subjects will always come.

Aim to get full marks on the subjects which are within your abilities. If math is your strong point, make sure you get every math question correct. It will give you a massive edge.

<10> Answer Every Question

Answer Every Question Wonderlic Test Tips

This one may seem obvious but do not leave even one question unanswered. There are four options, and there is always a ¼ probability that your fluke might turn out to be correct.

If you don’t know the answer, simply select a random and move on. It is better than leaving it blank. An uncertain mark is better than a certain zero.

Once you follow these tips if you wish to score well on your Wonderlic test. In the end, it is all up to you. These tips will certainly help as they are based on experience.

The test is small; the most important thing is being calm. Stress can make you forget things. So best of luck an study hard for your Wonderlic test and hope I was able to help.

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